GMGS – Monika does a M16 A1 (COLT MODEL 603)

Katie does a Sig Saur P220 Combat

Stephanie does a M85 heavy machine gun.

Diana does a Heckler & Koch HK21 light machine gun.

Marie, Kathy & Kombi do Taurus PT 38 semi automatic pistols

Merio does a M242 Bushmaster 25mm chain gun.

Katie does an HK G36 assault rifle with 40MM AG36 underbarrel grenade launcher. BOOM!

Stacey & Bridie do a 7.5″ Colt Calvalry Peacemaker & a Beretta 3901 Target RL Shotgun

The first of our special Mothers’ Day selection – Paula does a .44 Magnum. Dirty Harry would be proud!

Amazing work from Lucy here as she runs through an extraordinary selection of gunsounds, complete with actions and descriptions. A joyous pair of fingers raised to those who dared to suggest that girls can’t make gun sounds. In your faces.